When and What is to be Expected from “Raised By Wolves” Season 2?

Raised By Wolves is an American Sci-Fi series made by Aaron Guzikowski. The first season of the show made its debut on HBO Max on September 3, 2020, and now the series is returning with its second season. Sadly, the release date of the upcoming season is yet to be announced, but the assumed date is 2021 September. With the ongoing pandemic, delays are being common.

Raised By Wolves is a philosophical sci-fi series that examines the human condition mixed up with suspenseful mysteries, special effects, and thrilling action sequences. The androids Mother and Father are at the core of the show: they were sent to Kepler-22B with twelve frozen embryos and a mission to establish an Atheistic human colony. Due to tragic circumstances, only one child, Campion, survives. New dangers emerge on the alien planet just as a ship full of hostile religious humans arrive to establish a Mithraic colony. By the season 1 finale, most of the Mithraic are dead and their ark destroyed.

Raised by Wolves will return for Season 2
Raised by Wolves will return for Season 2

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Season 2 will likely continue where season 1 ends: with the newly-arrived Atheists approaching the planet, and the humans facing the new threat posed by Mother’s “baby”. Season 1 has left so many questions unanswered which fans are expecting to get the answers in the new season. The creature escapes at the end of episode 10, “The Beginning,” and is likely to be the main antagonist of the next season. The other possible antagonist is also revealed toward the end of the finale: Marcus encounters Atheist soldiers on Kepler-22B, whose massive spaceship is shown hovering in the planet’s atmosphere. Presumably, season 2 will see the Atheist vs. Mithraic conflict from Earth resumes in this new world.

The showrunner Aaron Guzikowski revealed some pointers about the upcoming season. He said that there will be more flashbacks in season 2 and on some random day, the Earth will peek as well to see what is going on once everything gets over.

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