Whitney Houston Biopic on Board “I Wanna Dance With Some One”

Clive Davis and Pat Houston, onboard to produce Late “Whitney Houston” Biopic, she was an American singer and actress.

The idea of making a celebrity Biopic movie is kind of hilarious- you are inviting an actor to pretend to be the real version of another actor on the silver screen.

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“Pat Houston” with “Clive Davis” will produce the biopic film currently titled, “I Wanna Dance with SomeOne” on Late “Whitney Houston” on behalf of Houston Estate, along with Davis, Primary Wave Music’s Larry Mestel, Denis O’ Sullivan and McCarten.

The film is portrayed from her musical beginnings through her tragic death, it depicts her journey of joy, emotion, and the sad life of the greatest female “R&B vocalist” of all time.

Moreover, the story is scripted by Academy Award nominee Anthony Mc Carten who scripted real-life based films like, “The Theory of Everything, “Darkest Hour” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

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From all my personal and professional experience with Whitney from her late teenage years to her tragic premature death, I know the full Whitney Houston’s story has not yet been told, “Davis,” a veteran producer and Houston’s long-time collaborator, stated- “I am so glad that Anthony McCarten has committed to no holds barred, a musically rich screenplay that finally reveals the whole Whitney whose vocal genius deeply affected the world while she fiercely battled the demons that were to be her undoing.”

She died by accidental drowning, Houston was found dead in a bathtub in Beverly Hills Hilton hotel room just before the Grammy Awards in 2012.

Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston

Houston and Bobby Brown only child, daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown 22yr old, also died three years later in 2015 in a similar early fashion.

Whitney was a great woman, and her legacy deserves only the best that can be given.”Pat Houston, Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law, said in a statement.”I stand with the hearts of these partners of the Estate of Whitney Houston, being chosen ones to produce a film that’s uplifting and inspiring to all the loved her, giving you a reason to continue to celebrate the voice that we all fell in love with and will cherish forever!”

Houston won six Grammy awards and was cited as the most awarded female artist of all time by “Guinness World Records” and remains one of the best selling music artists with 200 million records sold worldwide during a 25-year career.

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