Who is the ‘anonymous girl’ hugging Hardin Scott in the Teaser Trailer of ”After We Fell”? Is she a new rival for Tessa?

Finally, the wait is over! The teaser trailer of ‘After We Fell’ is out now! Spiced up with some kinky romantic sequences, the brand new teaser has also come up with some open ended mysteries, triggering a series of skeptical questions among all the ‘Afternators’ out there. Once after watching the teaser trailer, one common question that most of the ‘afternators’ are obsessed with is about the ‘anonymous girl’ who hugs Hardin Scott. Who is she? Is she a new rival for Tessa?

Over the past few months, after the grand success of ‘After We Collided’, the afternators around the globe were highly discussing the release date of ‘After We Fell.’ Now that the teaser trailer is officially out, it seems that the movie shall be soon off to horizon. However, the anonymous female character seen in the trailer has made the fans restless.

Recently, the Instagram page of the ‘After’ @afterchronicle came up with an answer for this question.

New Cast Announcement from ‘After We Fell’!

As per this new post, the anonymous female character who hugs Hardin Scott is none other than the renowned actress ‘Angela Sari,’ who is scheduled to play the role of the character named ‘Lilian.’ This means there is a new cast announcement from the crew!

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Now to answer whether she is a rival to Tessa, according to the novel ‘After We Fell’ by Anna Todd, the character of Lilian is exhibited in a positive light. After meeting Lilian, there is an impeccable transformation in the character of Hardin Scott in terms of his approach towards Tessa. It is Lilian who advises him to treat Tessa well, after which he becomes successful in mending the fissures in his bond with Tessa. Hence, this anonymous female character, now recognized as Lilian isn’t no fiend of Tessa.

Tessa and Hardin in 'After We Fell'
Tessa and Hardin in ‘After We Fell’

Considering the trailer, it is easily understood that in the brand new film, Tessa and Hardin are kicking off a new level of their relationship after their brief separation in “After We Collided.” Of course, they have a lot of lost time they have to make up, but things in their relationship are still sort of rocky even after their big reconciliation.

Watch the teaser trailer below.

A Valentine’s Day treat for all! Tessa and Hardin are heating things up!

However, the release date of ‘After We Fell’ is still under carpets. Let’s stay tuned. The world awaits!

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