Why did ‘Young Sheldon’ Season 4 called off its production? Here’s the true reason!

Production on CBS’ Young Sheldon was suspended! The news came with a ‘big-bang’ hit! But why did the show put a halt in its production? What was the true reason behind such a hasty decision? Well, here’s the answer!

COVID 19 has been a great hurdle before the entire crew right from day 1 of ‘Young Sheldon Season 4’ production. somehow they found a way to beat the virus and the production process was in its full swing when a great blow hit them.

On Friday, Young Sheldon halted shooting after a member of products tested positive for COVID-19. According to Deadline, the unnamed team member was asymptomatic (meaning they did not have visible signs of infection) and is currently being quarantined. However, the CBS sitcom, a spin-off of the hit show The Big Bang Theory, shut down production for the day to ensure the rest of the production team and cast’s safety. Thus COVID 19 has forced them to click a pause button for the shooting process.

‘Young Sheldon Season 4’ Suspends Filming! Here’s the renewed date of production!

As per the recent reports, it’s unclear how long filming on Young Sheldon’s fourth season will be paused, but the show’s producers are reportedly figuring out when (and maybe if) the series can resume filming at some point next week. Considering how fast the sitcom may return to filming, it’s possible that Young Sheldon’s production schedule won’t be too heavily affected.

Young Sheldon resumed filming in September in Los Angeles, and new Season 4 episodes began airing on CBS in early November. Filming previously was shut down for a day in October over a positive Covid test.

Let’s stay tuned for more updates from the crew regarding its re-production. Meantime take a chill pill and watch the new episode of Young Sheldon Season 4 which shall be aired on Thursday, December 17 at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS.

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