Why Do People Like Killing Stalking Even Though It Is A Cut Above For BL

Killing Stalking Portrays The Effect Of Mental Illness In A Homophobic Line

The art style is perfect for the genre and is very dark as you would expect. The lines are thick and the shadows are heavy. The art is still clean and well-drawn but it perfectly suits the story. Outside of the muted tones, red is the most vibrant colours in the series and it is usually the colour of the food. As you may have guessed, red is also the colour of blood. The meals always look unappetizing which is pretty wack as in most mangas the food looks incredible. Pretty insignificant but it’s still a nice touch. Other than that, there are also a lot of chapters with “silent” sections and they really amp up the intensity.

Sangwoo’s character surprisingly funny in the first season and watching him lose his shit is sad. but watching his relationship change with Yoonbum is really interesting Yoonbum can be infuriating in the beginning but I get why he is the way he is and he’s better later on. Koogi has crafted wonderfully disturbing backstories for both characters. There are so many little details foreshadowing their pasts and it all perfectly falls into place in the end. Koogi doesn’t spoon-feed you and tell you everything, so it feels gratifying when you figure out even small things (like Sangwoo’s hair). The characters’ motivations and actions make a lot of sense.

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Most people like Killing Stalking because of the BL within the story but it is so much more than just a crazy BL. more of a horror/drama manga but with a hint of BL. Though the Killing Stalking manwha has been tagged as yaoi, it is much more than that. It deals with triggering concepts like mental disorders, suicide, self-harm, abuse, and even homophobia to a certain extent. The Killing Stalking ending (TM) is by far the most confusing yaoi manwha endings. A lot of it is left unsaid and for readers to assume which, frankly, is a very good decision.

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