Why is ‘Demon Slayer Season 2’ getting delayed?

Celebrated as one of the most popular manga series, ‘Demon Slayer’ has hit the jackpot with one single season! Now that the fans are expecting for a coming back, the upcoming segment of the series, ‘Demon Slayer Season 2’ release date is repeatedly getting delayed it seems. Due to these continual delays, the fans have grown restless and are eagerly looking forward to a positive, fan friendly approach from the entire team of ‘Demon Slayer.’

Known for its breathtaking fight sequences, which in fact garnered special critics’ attention, the series ‘Demon Slayer Season 1’ came to an end with the cliffhanger conclusion of the unending adventurous saga of Tanjiro. Of late, ‘Demon Slayer Season 2’ ‘leaked details caused the expectation level of the fans to hit a pinnacle as it had in turn given them hope regarding its release. However, much to their dismay, even the renewed release date of ‘Demon Slayer Season 2’ got procrastinated further.

Originally, the second season of ‘Demon Slayer’ was scheduled to be released in 2020. But according to the latest reports, it got shelved primarily because of some technical issues. Unlike any other series, the expenditure required for the production of the manga series is huge and vast. Ufotable studio, the location where the series is produced is in fact a small studio, highly occupied with huge, highly demanded projects one after the other.

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Will there be a ‘Demon Slayer Season 2’?

As the studio only provided a ‘one at a time’ engagement, the ‘Demon Slayer’ team found it very hard to make a choice between the movie and the series of the same kind. Finally they opted for the movie. Over a period of time the producers claimed that they were busy with the production of Demon Slayer Movie in the same studio and hence came up with the explanation that the fans will have to wait a bit longer to witness the adventures of Tanjiro in ‘Demon Slayer Season 2.’

Demon Slayer Season 2
Demon Slayer Season 2

Now that the Demon Slayer movie, regarded as the best in the anime world is released on Oct 16, 2020, why are they getting the production of ‘Demon Slayer Season 2’ delayed? Even though it has been said that Demon Slayer Season 2 shall return either by autumn or Fall of 2021, many of the fans have lost their hope to such an extent that they are expecting it for 2022! A pity fact to deal with!

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