Hart Of Dixie Is Your Cup Of Tea: Only If You Are Into The Sentimental Romantic Dramas Of The Y2k

Find Out What Is ‘Hart Of Dixie’ And ‘Gilmore Girls’ Shares In Common

A Refreshing, silly, romantic, sentimental show filled with a soft feeling of love and compassion is the right way to describe the show the Hart Of Dixie. A worth watching and absorbing show along with a lot of life lessons woven into the story but never sermonizing or lecturing but filled with more gentle Aha moments. The writers brilliantly capitalized on the characters’ chemistry but tossed out red herrings and obstacles like dandelion fuzz blowin’ in the wind. the wonderful values and the importance of tradition, family and friendships.) Alabama can transform your life if you’re just patient enough to let it happen. By the end of the four seasons, you really feel like you are a part of Bluebell.

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In a million ways This is the perfect show to watch during these difficult times because it lifts you up and makes you forget about the election, Covid, riots, and the economy. If you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls then Hart Of Dixie is your cup of tea. Fun fact- Gilmore Girls and Hart of Dixie share a gazebo and set! They both have the same silly, fun small-town traditions. Many more similarities between the two… Back to Hart of Dixie, while the series is fun, lighthearted and gives you tons of smiles, there are also plenty of emotional moments.

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