Why “Suicide Squad 2” is having a Bunch of Villians? Is it R-rated?

The upcoming instalment of Suicide Squad “The Suicide Squad” is having more number of villains compared to the previous one. The majority of the line-up in James Gunn’s ensemble are new players to the DCEU as Task Force X returns for their second cinematic adventure. The movie will be the reboot of 2016’s massive hit ‘Suicide Squad’ that followed the adventures of a team of DC supervillains including Harley Quinn and Rick Flag.

The full cast of the movie was released, a slew of actors including Idris Elba, Alice Braga, Nathan Fillion, Pete Davidson, Michael Rooker, John Cena, David Dastmalchian, Sylvester Stallone and many others will be seen playing a seemingly new character in the film.

Recently James Gunn has confirmed The Suicide Squad will be R-rated. It is the second R-rated movie for the DCEU after Birds of Prey. Gunn confirmed The Suicide Squad’s rating on Twitter, responding to a fan’s question about the film’s rating by saying, “Yes it’s rated R.”

The Suicide Squad, there are 15 members and possibly more as there are cast members whose characters haven’t been revealed yet. This squad consists of villains, not heroes, of the DC Universe that has to pay their dues to society. As of different characters, some of the Task Force X members will not always dig what Waller is offering and try to oppose her which in turn cost them their lives.

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Since Waller installs explosive devices in every member’s neck, as a way to keep them under check and blown off their heads.  As Gunn progresses the franchise with a new Suicide Squad team, a new arc, and a new threat, it’s all about raising those stakes. Therefore, having more members attached to the Suicide Squad means that there could be a bigger body count by the time the sequel reaches its end. Maybe many of the characters will be killed.

The Suicide Squad 2
The Suicide Squad 2

In James Gunn’s direction, it is hard to predict which all characters will die or survive. The Suicide Squad has already promised a wealth of fascinating interpersonal dynamics and several uniquely fun sub-teams to look forward to. The Suicide Squad is set to release in theatres and on HBO Max on August 6, 2021.

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