Why ‘The Final Album 2’ trend on Twitter

‘The Final Album 2’ hitting social media enormously. Elijah Daniel announced ‘The Final Album 2’ album will release on June 5th, surprisingly it was on fire-hit trending. ‘The Final Album 2’ IS NO.6 IN IRELAND one fan written.

Elijah Daniel is an American comedian, rapper, record producer, songwriter, and author. He became popular online through his satirical social media posts.

‘The Final Album 2’: Watch the official trailer here

Elijah Daniel

Elijah Daniel began rapping under the name Lil Phag in late 2017. Outside of his solo work, Daniel is a part of the EDM/Pop act adam&steve alongside fiancé, Dr. Woke. Billboard has dubbed the duo “the gay Chainsmokers.”

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They have since released six singles featuring Maty Noyes, Sophie Rose, Gnash, JVZEL, XYLØ, and Waterparks. He won the award for Best Comedian with collaborator Christine Sydelko at the 9th Shorty Awards.

‘The Final Album 2’ trending

Elijah Daniel, his rap career began as somewhat of an elaborate joke when he released his first song Iced Out D—, he quickly saw success in his gay rapper persona Lil Phag. His releases so far have been well received, particularly from his young, queer fans. Both before and after the YouTube vlogs, Daniel became well-known on Twitter and the internet at large for his comedic stunts.

Most notably, he wrote a no. 1 Amazon bestseller called “Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & The Belloy,” which is an erotic novel about the president. Followers assisted ‘The Final Album 2’ trend on Twitter after the announcement because it is releasing by Elijah Daniel.


After the trending of ‘The Final Album 2’, he announced that he is going to launch a new feature too.

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