Wife threatened Earl Thomas for cheating and got apprehended by the Cops

Earl Thomas
Earl Thomas

American footballer of Baltimore Ravens confirms the dramatic incidents that occurred in April, which involved his wife, Nina Thomas. The women caught his husband red-handed in the nearby rental home. She held him in the gunpoint less than one foot, and it was the cops who stepped in to avoid a tragic scene that would have happened.

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Following an argument regarding his drinking habit, Earl was supposed to be hanging out with his brother, Seth. While checking his Snapchat, the lady discovers the husband’s extramarital relationships with another woman. She tracked his location and found him and his sibling naked in bed with the other two women.

Nina sought the help of her two female friends and also grabbed Earl’s gun, a 9mm Berreta that she made use to put Earl in the gunpoint. However, she was unaware that the pistol was fully loaded, said the police. The force deployed to the place as they were informed about the nuisance. Nina was eventually arrested and bonded off later.

The couples have a marriage history since 2016. Earl addressed the incident through Instagram. “Instead of talking about us, just keep us in y’all prayers,” Thomas says. “Stuff like this happens. We try to live the best lives we possibly can. Sometimes it does not go as planned.”