Will ‘Tenet’ save the Multiplex Cinema?- The first test of post-lockdown cinema industry releases its last Trailor

Movie theaters are banking on Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet,’ whose release was recently postponed indefinitely to ride their deliverance of films. Hence, the day has come, the release date of Tenet 26 August ( Wednesday ) is hauling a high expectation in the box office looming opening. It’s also reviewed by many as the first test of the post lockdown cinema industry since the film industry is without revenue for months.

Tenet Final Trailer

The sci-fi actioner was delayed several times in amid of pandemic and will now open of the world. While Nolan’s espionage movie kept getting pushed around the release date calendar, Warner Bros is demanding 63% of film box office from theatres, a much more than theatre chain was usually.

So far, the revenues have dropped to nil, and the movie industry would take a while to stand on one’s ground. On the comeback trail will take time for the industry, but with blockbusters, the cinemas will continue to entertain its audience.

The final Tenet Trailer unveils a three-minute look with a lot of new footage; hence the movie is set with Travis Scott’s new single soundtrack “The Plan.” The trailer does not reveal much about the film rather than previously told but shows the clips of dark scenes and more looks at the Kenneth Branagh’s villain character. 

The central theme by which the entire film goes around is insightful and with good pacing, at least with the trailer.

Christopher Nolan Tenet
Christopher Nolan Tenet

And since amid the pandemic, the theatres across the country are taking extra precautionary measures to keep the coming audience to film throughout and ensure their safety. The film worldwide release pattern is as follows –  launching in some international territories on Aug,26, U. S cotes on Sept.3 and China on Sept 4. The film is, in some way, has a chance to be stormed by piracy; hence the cinema halls as remained closed. It’s unclear if the moviegoers in major markets will be able to watch it on the big screen, which will instead spur demand for pirated copies. 

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