Women In US Government

On 18 th of August 1920, US government ratified the Nineteenth amendment of US constitution prohibiting the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to a citizen of the united states based on sex. A winning moment for the National American Woman Association(NAWSA) was the movement that led to the right to vote for women by Elizabeth Cady Standon and Susan B Anthony.

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Even after nearly a century, there isn’t still any woman president in the history of the USA. The largest federal government in the world lacks woman leadership. But there are many governors and mayors raised around many states of the United States. Let’s have a close look at the career and the political changes they made in the past few years.

In December 2018, Nevada became the first state in the USA’s history to be the first woman-majority legislature holding 51% of the seats. The real beneficiary of that government was the ordinary people of the state. The changes and support they brought in from the lowest level of the US social setup made a considerable impact on people’s lives. 

The first and foremost change they brought is legislation on equal pay. The gender gap plays a major role in the pay gap between males and females worldwide, especially in the USA’s states. The law came into effect by January, making the companies pay fine and lost wages, which are knowingly practicing the pay gap injustice based on gender. Subsequently, another law that came into effect with the equal pay is the paid leave. Any company with 50 or more employees is liable to provide their employers with paid leave for 40 hours every year, irrespective of gender.

Decriminalization of some activities linked to abortion, such as drug-induced miscarriage, was another major milestone in Nevada’s woman leadership. The legislature passed a bill on the nickname “trust Nevada woman act”. It also abolished the necessity of a medical professional’s certification regarding the age,marital status, and physical and emotional implications of the patient undergoing abortion. The only data required to record during the course of action is the risks and discomfort involved with the subject during the procedure. 

During the 2019 session, Nevada passed 600 bills. The unanimously passed chain of bills related to domestic violence, sexual assault,sex trafficking had bipartisan supports. Increasing the penalties, jail time, and dismissing existing limitations of the law are few of them.  

Being the half of the population in the USA, women are underrepresented throughout the state. The reluctance of the national parties to trust with the woman leadership is the main reason. Looking close to the few political careers of the state’s present women leaders,let’s see their merits and demerits.

Hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Hilary Clinton was the first woman ever nominated by a major national party, the democrats. She was a former first lady, US Senator, and state secretary. She was recently noted for slamming Donald Trump Administration with her powerful tactics.

  1. Being the first lady of the USA, Hillary Clinton chaired the 1993 health security act. The congress later didn’t pass the legislation, though the task force created for the health care reforms stayed as a blueprint for the later introduced affordable care act and the health insurance for children.
  2. She seeks help from congress for enacting the foster care independence act, promoting the freedom to teenagers from the foster homes and work on their own by the age of 18. The backlash of the program was the expenditure of the program doubled the federal budget. 
  3. Imposing sanction on Iran- in 2010, the United Nations imposed sanction on Iran, resulting in the recession, the economy of the country shrank to 1.9% by 2013. This made cutting Iran’s oil exports into half, and later they agreed to stop making nuclear weapons.
  4. Along with the CIA director Leon Panetta, she called for the raid in the Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. It was unfazed by the resistance from the then vice president Biden and defense secretary.
  5. Involved with the 2019 Copenhagen climate change accord. 
  6. Expecting to increase US exports by the $ 123.5 billion annually by 2025 by directing the drafting and mediating throughout the drafting of the Trans-pacific partnership.
  7. Culminated the bilateral agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama from 2010 through 2011. The Columbian agreement expanded the US export revenue by 1.1 billion.
  8. She headed the negotiation on a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas during 2012.
  9. Introduction of pediatric research act equity
  10. Campaigned for violence against women act,1994

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris

Grown-up in between the civil rights movement, Kamala Devi Harris is a daughter of two migrants from India and Jamaica. Having underwent Heinous Racial Discrimination From RJ lately, her perseverance to rise into power is higly appreciated.

  1. The historic 1.0 billion settlement in the case of for-profit colleges against trump university occurred while she was serving as the attorney general.
  2. Contributions in the LGBTQ community and enacting marriage equality via SCOTUS.
  3. Critical and unfavorable against war, human trafficking, and drugs.
  4. The mortgage settlement case which helped 84000 California families.

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi

Served as the first woman speaker in the house of representatives and the first woman in the long male-led history of America, Nancy Pelosi leads the congress party.

  1. The wall street reform Dodd-Frank following the recession of 2008.
  2. To boost the economy and save it from the free-fall, she enacted the economic stimulus act of 2008.
  3. Tobacco regulation act and food safety acts
  4. Credit card reforms
  5. Raising Minimum wage 
  6. Hate crimes prevention act along with the repealing of dont ask dont tell, enabling the LGBTQ community in military service to serve their tenure without the consequences.
  7. Enacting the Obama care act or the affordable care act started by Hillary Clinton.

Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard Speech
Tulsi Gabbard Speech

She believes in the fundamental democratic corrival demands on improvised reforms, innovation, and adaptations in the spheres of healthcare,climate, education,infrastructure and criminal justice.

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Her army career background and experience in politics from 2002, she was an eligible candidate for US presidentship. 

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is known for her Consumer protection advocacy in the state, before becoming the U.S. Senator in 2013. Before running for the senate, she alerted people regarding the severe problems in the state’s financial system and health care system. She was also involved in the Equal Employment Act, the Scheduled Work Act, the Trade Transparency Act, and the Fed Accountability Act. She consistently fights for legislation for women’s rights, paid family leave, low-wage workers, fair trade and affordable education.

Why Women Are Absent In Politics

Apart from a few women, there aren’t many in US politics to set an example. Even though these women showed the world their capabilities, there is still a minority representation of women in politics and related areas. As the psychologist says,” problems start within”. Many qualified women across the state, who are eligible and talented to run the government have the feeling that they can’t run a government office on their own. This complex is elevated by the patriarchal standards that developed ages ago. The lack of self-confidence is the byproduct of the trap setup. The idea of leadership is not nurtured inside a female child like it is doing with a male child. At a rather young age, children are treated differently in many areas based on their physical capacity as male and female. The gender gap created by society and the ages-old civilizations made this complicated as years passed. The support from the family matters with a woman in politics. Since the family is an emotional bound scenario and women are the soul of that institution, it’s impossible for a woman to work independently in the absence of her family. 

The second most important reason is that females are more likely to be competitive against other females than men. This unnecessary pride and anxiety can result in the loss of focus. Many times the primary concerns can be neglected when the issue of pride blooms. This is where fellow males took advantage. Many women are unaware of their apache. Here is where every woman should educate herself. Unite and fight is the only option left with them in this case.

When the system itself goes against women, they can’t sustain it. The systematic or policies implemented itself hinder women from participating. The institutional framework often excluded the minority, which includes the woman. The single-member system which uses the plurality of the votes than the majority of the votes is an example.

The socio-cultural issues surrounding the uprising of women in US politics is relatively high. The mixed ethnicity of the population stands as a threat. Immigrants aren’t welcomed in the political sphere too. Still, in the majority of the countries around the world, strong patriarchal systems remain intact, making it impossible for women to step into the male-dominated arena of politics. 

Years after the suffrage movements around the world, women’s under-representation should be addressed under a serious note. Being a woman is not a choice but a position. It’s the responsibility of every man to respect the position. The idea of nature is coexistence. The world cannot be called a world if it’s biased.

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