Women’s Day 2021: Michelle Obama to take part in a VIRTUAL EVENT to support girls’ education and empowerment!

Michelle Obama, the first African-American first lady, has come up with an inspirational wish to all the women community around the globe. In association with the International Women Day 2021, Michelle Obama took to her social media accounts to congratulate and wish all the good luck to the entire women community who strenuously sweat their blood out during the global pandemic crisis. Along with this wish, she also came up with yet another motivational news about her virtual event to support girls’ education and empowerment.

She has been always phenomenal in supporting both her race as well as her gender. A fusion of both was witnessed recently when Michelle Obama promoted her favorite black women artists in association with the celebrations of ‘Black History Month 2021.’

Of late, Michelle Obama announced that she shall join for a one hour virtual event with one of the most popular media ‘Pop Sugar’

”It’s awe inspiring,”says Michelle Obama about the women around the world!

“‘Happy International Women’s Day! This past year, we’ve seen just how much women accomplish every single day—they’ve been the ones putting in overtime as frontline healthcare workers, taking activist roles in their communities, and stepping up to care for their families during these tough times.

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It’s awe inspiring. And what gives me so much hope is that the next generation of women are just as determined, especially as they pursue their educations in the face of great challenges and rapidly changing education systems.

Michelle Obama to take part in a VIRTUAL EVENT
Michelle Obama to take part in a VIRTUAL EVENT

That’s why I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate girls’ education with @POPSUGAR on March 25th. I’ll be speaking with @Lilly Singh and girls from the @GirlsOpportunityAlliance as they share what their education has looked like during the pandemic and how organizations in our global community have helped them to keep learning safely. I hope that you’ll tune in on March 25th and support girls’ education and empowerment at the link in my bio today—because when girls get the opportunities they deserve, our whole world benefits. #PSGirlTalk,” says Michelle Obama.

Girls Oppurtunity Alliance Michael Obama
Girls Oppurtunity Alliance Michael Obama

She took a moment to honor those women who worked overtime when the healthcare sector was highly challenged and threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic. She happily announced that she has joined her hands with the ‘Girls Opportunity Alliance’ to support the empowerment and education of women. As a baby step towards it, Michelle Obama shall have a virtual talk through popsugar media which is to be streamed on March 25th.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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