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    World Countries in shock are the deadliest survivor of corona virus

    London., World countries in shock to know still rising count in the U.K. While the number of new cases and hospitalizations appears to have plateaued, deaths are still growing. The U.S has overtaken Italy, with the highest number of deaths rate due to the COVID-19 pandemic with the fatalities crossing 20,000.

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    Corona Virus cases reaches the peak

    The total number of corona virus hospital deaths in the U.K. currently stands at 9,875, following a rise of 917 recorded on Saturday.the survey does not include penalties external of hospitals, such as in care homes or the community. On Sunday, a further 657 deaths in England, 24 in Scotland, 18 in Wales, and 11 in Northern Ireland. The Department of Health has not yet confirmed the latest UK-wide figures. That is to indicate only a portion of the exact number of people contaminated because not everyone has tested for the virus.

    With a record of 4 Million Corona Virus cases in world wide, the cases of COVID-19 are skyrocketing day by day. The death rates reaching its peak has left the common man anxious and astray.

    Coronavirus Pandemic
    Coronavirus Pandemic

    A chart for the whole U.K. will be released later. Ministers are continuing to force people to stay at home over the Easter weekend to curb the spread of the virus, despite warm and sunny weather across parts of the U.K.Amid British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been discharged from a London hospital where he treated in intensive care for the new coronavirus. Johnson’s office says he left St. Thomas’ Hospital and will continue his recovery at Chequers, the prime minister’s country house. Those who can work from home are strongly encouraged by authorities to continue doing so. Retail shops will remain closed other than supermarkets, fruit stands, bakeries, butchers, newsstands, and pharmacies. Sir Jeremy, who is government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said testing allowed countries to isolate people with COVID-19, preventing them from transmitting the virus to others, as well as buying time for hospitals to prepare.”Undoubtedly there are lessons to learn from that,” he added.

    wuhan coronavirus dropped zero
    wuhan coronavirus dropped zero

    Virus death exactions in Italy and Spain have been on a descending slope, and there are growing fears that the U.K. will end up being the country with the most virus deaths in Europe. For some, notably maturer and people with being health problems, it can cause more severe ailment or death. In the United States alone, there are over half a million cases. The U.S. has also overhauled Italy and logged the highest number of coronavirus related losses in a country ever. Trump said this past week that the disease was near its peak in the U.S., and he was considering ways to re-open the world’s biggest economy as soon as possible. The World Health Organization (WHO) is warning against the premature lifting of lockdowns, saying it could trigger a dangerous resurgence of cases.

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