WorldFree4U: Top Secrets, They may not Tell you

WorldFree4U Background story

WorldFree4U is an illegal website that leaks pirated videos and movie throughout the world. They are Originally located in London. By the end of 2016 Worlfree4u reached Asian countries.

Later shifted their operation to multiple places, soon after they found out they were being tracked. Most of the countries around the globe had already blacklisted them and blocked almost every proxy site they appeared afterwards. It is termed one of the notorious sites by MPAA. Uploading and downloading content from the website is considered as a severe offence.

Apart from other regular websites, they provide multiple size file options for every movie. But similar to the rest of the factors including the paid promotion and redirecting to other pages. The primary income source of the website is advertising. Every product advertised on the website is illegal, including banned online games, rummy and gambling. WorldFree4U gained the first media attention after the release of Avengers end game in 2019, before that they were accused of the first time for the release of the Dark night of Christopher Nolan in 2012. 

For a pretty long time, they were not active on the scene until the avenger’s age of Ultron 2015 came up. The leaked avenger’s movie put WorldFree4U in a challenging phase. Many agencies work to stop them in hand in hand.

Along with marvel avengers, the following are the other…

Movies Leaked by WorldFree4U

The Martian, $594 million

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, $597 million

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, $652 million

 Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation, $682 million

Spectre, $837 million

Inside Out, $851 million

 Minions, $1.1 billion

Avengers: Age of Ultron, $1.4 billion

Furious 7, $1.5 billion

Jurassic World, $1.6 billion

Another essential feature that is attracted to the people is that they don’t ask for any kind of sign up procedures during the time of the website visit, except for a few redirects which can take you to other similar websites. 

Top Indian movies leaked by WorldFree4U

Angresi medium
Baagi 3
alu vaikundapuram
Tanhaji darbar
world-famous lover 
Movie Counter
Madras Rockers
Udta Punjab
Sanam Teri Kasam
Dear Zindagi
Jio Rockers

Irrespective of the country and the industry the spreading of the pirated copies are excessive and repeated using more websites when they are constantly caught. 

Piracy, a crime to art

 The real offence to the cinema world is supporting these kinds of pirated websites. The actual efforts behind every artist are questioned with ease and uncertainty with that. In India, piracy is described as follows, The act of illegally acquiring, copying, reproducing and then distributing film media, without having any legal right or license to do so, is considered movie piracy.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any law at the international level to control and prevent piracy. According to the statute of piracy it only covers the physical aspect, including theft of the property physically, no intellectual claim stands valid here. This is because different nations follow different standards of laws; this impedes them from implementing effective prevention for the piracy of movies. 

In India, To handle copyright and copyright infringement related disputes, the Indian Constitution has the Copyright Act, 1957, which acts as the primary statute for all copyright-related laws in India. Under section 13 of the Act, copyright protection is conferred on literary works, dramatic works, musical works, artistic works, cinematograph films, and sound recordings. 

The Copyright Act, 1957 handles the protection of copyrighted material via classification of the same into two categories of rights, those being –

  1. The scope of this Act falls under originally conceptualized work including literary works, dramatic works, musical works, artistic works, cinematograph films, and sound recordings. The owners of these intellectual properties and works are given exclusive rights which they can exercise when it comes to the reproduction and distribution of these works, and to have a share in the profit of any sales of the product made by a licensed third-party. 
  2.  Section 57 of the Act splits moral rights into two basic rights, right of paternity and right of integrity. The former enables the original creator of the intellectual property to be able to claim ownership of it and prevent any others from claiming ownership. The latter enables the creator to restrict any and all ‘distortion, mutilation or other alterations of his work, or any other action in relation to said work’ which may damage his reputation.
  3. The cinematograph act approved in 2019

The Cinematograph Amendment Bill, 2019 aims to tackle film piracy by including the penal provisions for unauthorized camcording and duplication of films. The Bill, when passed, can build a credible deterrence that would increase industries’ revenues, boost job creation, fulfill important objectives of India’s National Intellectual Property policy and will give relief against piracy and infringing content online. To tackle the menace of film piracy, the Amendment Bill also provides for Insertion of new Section 6 AA for the prohibition of an unauthorized recording.

The following section shall be inserted after Section 6A of the Cinematograph Act, 1952.

Section 2 of the Copyright Act of 1957. Section 7 to introduce Penal Provisions for violating provisions of Section 6 AA.In Section 7 of the principal Act, after sub-section 1 the following subsection (1A) shall be inserted:

“If any person contravenes the provisions of Section 6AA, he shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 3 years or with fine which may extend to 10 lakh rupees or with both.”

The authorized genuine film streaming sites

Amazon prime

Amazon Prime is one of the most downloaded films and series streaming sites and applications for the past two years. It’s an American video-on-demand streaming application owned, controlled and regulated by amazon. They provide content according to the region you opt for. 

Amazon prime movies
Amazon prime movies


Netflix is one of the series and movies streaming applications across the world; many of the worlds favourite shows, including the friends are aired via Netflix.

Top 5 Shows which made Netflix hit million subscribers
Top 5 Shows which made Netflix hit million subscribers

Almost every show on Netflix is available in WorldFree4U. The first international platform to go against WorldFree4U was Netflix. 


Hulu is owned and managed by Walt Disney with NBC Universal, and it’s a subscription video-on-demand service by Walt Disney. The famous Comcast is an equity stakeholder of hulu international. 

Disney +

Disney Mickey Mouse
Disney Mickey Mouse

Another video-on-demand streaming which is Direct-to-Consumer & International subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Launched in November of 2019 with a current user rate of 58.5 million around the world.  


HBO GO is a TV everywhere video-on-demand streaming service by American premium network HBO. They are the pioneers in the American cable network. Launched in February of 2010 under Warner media entertainment. 

Increased Pirated Contents

It remains a question even after the disobedience of the law of almost every country why the interests of the pirated websites remain in people. One of the primary reasons is that they are free, and no requirement of any signup procedure is involved. The pirated film website gets more traffic than any other website. So piracy websites, including WorldFree4U, will proliferate. The features that avert the scope of the law on piracy are as follows, and They use a reverse proxy, otherwise known as Cloudflare.

They store nothing on their server, removing the URL when it gets DMCA strikes. If the telecom company blocks them, they are most likely to change the domain. According to the law, No person shall be permitted without the written authorization of the author to use any audiovisual recording device to knowingly make or transmit or attempt to create or transmit or abet the making or transmission of a copy of a film or a part thereof.

WorldFree4U is against the law of any country. Stealing the hard work of numerous people and distributing in the internet black market cannot be entertained. The offence is severe, the number of people involved is high, and that’s the reason the law stands still. It’s a requirement of self-understanding in this matter. “There are penal provisions for unauthorized camcording and duplication of films”, stated the union minister in a press release. Switching to the authentic source is the only way out.

The online pricing should be customized according to the view of the customer, and more economical plans can make the online video-on-demand streamers more user friendly. Making movies universal is another significant change that should be considered. Many of the premium shows and videos aren’t available on every platform. It’s financially burdening to use multiple video streaming applications. Making shows more universal is an option to think. If people had more opportunities to acquire movies and series legally, they wouldn’t consider the possibility of pirated contents.

Along with the extensive use of culture in the entertainment industry, it’s possible to make significant changes in the spread of pirated movies and videos. WorldFree4U isn’t an isolated instinct, and they are the part of the largest notorious chain in the pirated movies distributing spectrum. Even after the continues hunting, they still slip. The loopholes in both domestic and international laws are the main reason for this crime. The market for WorldFree4U is always open, from advertising to people.

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