‘WWENXT’ celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month held from September 15 to October 15


Hispanic Heritage is celebrated in the United States to recognize the achievements and influence of Hispanic Americans to history.

The Hispanic Heritage marks on Sept.15 in the United States. It’s a way to celebrate Latino culture for a few weeks with food, music, and festivals. Hence the WWENXT took to Instagram to share their celebration for the heritage day captioned with- #WWENXT  proudly celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month.

Hispanic recognizes the contributions and cultures of Americans with origin in Mexico Central and Southern America, the Caribbean, and Spain. A month that allows the country to show its recognition of the diversity of experiences and cultures that bring together the country’s Hispanic and Latino heritage.

WWENXT List of History’s most influential Hispanic wrestlers:

  • Rey Mysterio-  works under the Raw brand under the ring name Rey Mysterio
  • El Santo- most widely known as EL Santo was a film actor and folk hero
  • Eddie Guerrero-  American wrestler who died of heart failure, a prominent member of the Guerrero wrestling family 
  • Mil Mascaras- The first masked wrestler allows to compete in WWE’s home arena. 

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