Xmovies8 2020: Watch Your Favorite Movies Online

Xmovies8, a free movie streaming pirated website that brags for having an extensive collection of shows. By executing the method of pirating movies and uploading them online. Hence its a subject of litigation and even criminal prosecution.

Movie streaming is gaining popularity day by day, as watching a movie is best to pass the time for all, and then the user starts anxiously looking for the best streaming site? A place where we need to be vigilant since we can find a mass development in technology. A steep increase in the field of broadcast and entertainment, the threat of piracy of content has increased copiously, which in return put the producers and developer under constant fear of their content getting pirated.

Watch: The Benefits of Xmovies8

In the present-day, the world has declared many incidents of content piracy, eventhough there are specific ways the officials have figured out to protect the content against piracy. It still mystifies many to handle the strenuous task of copying because the platform gains popularity from the users itself who always go for free and readily available content on the internet. Hence the lack of consciousness among the common pleb regarding free torrent websites like Xmovies8, which instead paves the way for them to earn popularity.

To give you all an awareness and the consequences for visiting pirated website Xmovies8, we have drafted this article by providing various options of legal websites.

What is Xmovies8?

Making way for the current prong in the number of free streaming sites Is not a big task.  Nowadays, one can find an extensive collection of free movie sites but the main thing to be monitored is whether these sites are legal; the same case is with Xmovies8, an illegal torrent website that provides a wide range of movies and preferences.

But at a glance, the website like Xmovies8 shows it’s legal as they don’t host pirated material- they only dispense links of such items. But unfortunate for them as per US law administering links are subject to litigation and even criminal prosecution under the notion of contributory infringement.

History of the Website?

The website, in the beginning, had a scarcer amount of collections with a few movies in the library. Later by uploading the latest movies and TV shows increase the ingress of the visitors. Hence gaining popularity, the site could enter the global ranking of Alexa.com that provides statistics about websites releases Xmovies.hd.net has 1.6 daily page views’ engagement per visitor, each spending an average of 1.51 minutes on the site. With a rank of 772,898.

How does Xmovies8 work?

The working method is the same as other torrent websites; they provide the user with pirated links of top recent movies within the first week of its release to attract its viewers. Despite the quality of these movies being inferior and low video pixels, these movies get a good rating as it is uploaded a couple of days of release; hence a user is getting an easy access option sitting at home. Making the site to earn money through the increased click rate. Moreover, they also get money through the ads posted. This how the website keeps working and earns money. 

What are Xmovies8 Proxy and Mirror Sites?

Hence free movie streaming sites are on a hike; copyright owners are feeling resentful for providing digital content illegally. Eventually, ISPs have been strangling down on such websites at the behest of law agencies. Because of which the primary domain of Xmovies8 has been accroached, and it’s blocked in many countries, but comes back by tweaking the URL. At the same time, we can find many mirror sites making it a chain.


But still, these sites are being visited through the use of VPNs ( Virtual Private Network). At the same time, Xmovies8 owners have launched the mere replica of the main domain called a proxy or mirror sites were you could skim through the same categories such as Genres, Trending, and the latest added movies like the original domain with the same interface. They are creating another source for piracy.

Illegal Catagories of movies in Xmovies8?

Regardless of being a torrent website Xmovies8 website gain popularity because they provide different categories of movies with various genres to attract visitors. Find the section of film available of Xmovies8 streamed illegally.

  • Comedy Movies- The Dramatics, The Hello Ladies, The King of Comedy
  • Drama Movies-  Bloody Drama, Teenage Drama Queen, Teen Titans Go! to the movies
  • Adult Movies- Young Adult, Adult Life Skills, Adult Beginners
  • Adventure English Movies- The Fantastic pet, Adventure of Acela, My Robot friend
  • Hindi Movies
  • Hindi Movies
  • Telegu Movies 

2020 Xmovies8 Legal Alternatives Websites

In this present Internet gen, there is fierce competition in movie streaming platforms; hence the concept of movie streaming is nothing new. Since we can find several websites offering free movies but to choose the best is a tricky part of it, so find the best Alternative sites that merge you with the Xmovies8 website.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is the best way to watch free TV and movies in your browser, One can experience over 100+ channels of news, videos, sports, TV shows, and web series completely free.

In Pluto TV, you get to watch exclusive content, including programming from CNET, IGN, and the World Poker Tour.

Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll is a modish website with millions of viewers monthly, which specialized in hosting. East Asian content primarily on Japanese anime, manga series, music, and shows. A website for anime fans and much recommended as its safe and legal.


Eventhough its not free, the user gets a 14-day free trial to access the shows. The site offers a freemium model that involves a subscription to the customer both complementary and extra cost services with advertisements, But the flip part of it is you need to wait for the latest episodes of ongoing shows to opt free service.

IMDb Freedive

IMDb is the biggest collection of the library for movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Amazon owns its service. It also provides fewer ads, Simple UI with quick access, and excellent Fire TV support.

Moreover, recently IMDb launched an ad-supported streaming service called IMDb Freedive. A site that allows seeing movies shows and primitives for free with Google, Amazon, and FB login. With additional features like full-length movies, limited ads, and plays with simpler players.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a nonprofit public domain that provides digital content. Hence many movies and TV shows are uploaded for longterm storage. Here you can find films from the Silent Era to the modern 21st century.

Additionally being a public domain site, you can find only movies that do not have any digital licenses, hence mostly will find old TV programs and Independent film. Its also categorised with genres and titles including classic cinema.


Veoh is one of the best options for watching free movies but can’t get new movies to watch; it includes short films and independent film. The site acquires a right amount of visitors and shows fewer Ads. With a vast content pool where you can find the best what you are looking for.

Veoh has well-versed sorting for the genre, language, subtitle, and other factors. One can also access shows from networks like Hulu, Vudu, ABC, and more.

Illegal Alternative Websites for Xmovies8

Watching illegal streams that work without any licensing is a crime. The accused and the perpetrator both may face the rage of the judicial system. Mostly its the developer of the website is the one punished. Find below the illegal sites.

Copy right 2020 movies leaked by Xmovies

Xmovies8 website directly streams movies from torrent and other global sources, and therefore you can expect videos right after its release in CAM quality without any authorisation. Find below the list of movies leaked illegally.

  • Moviejoy
  • Kutty Movies
  • Tamil Rockers
  • Filmywap
  • Soap2day
  • Movierulz
  • 9xmovies
  • 123 Movies
  • Afdah
  • Gomovies
  • Filmyzilla
  • Yesmovie

Is it legal to download films in Xmovies8 Website?

There is an array of online streaming sites mushroomed in the recent past. People more and more choose to watch pirated films depending on the convenience of watching at home, instead of going to theatres. 

We can find only a few video streaming options that are entirely legitimate streaming sites that fall into a legally murky but being paid subscribers all hesitate and prefer free streaming sites even though it’s illegal without knowing the consequences.

Copyright Law

Copyright laws commercially shield all Films; there is where the licensed lines blur whether its a crime to upload films online for personal use is not legitimate, but distributing or uploading to any streaming sites is considered to be a crime. But to think of the other side, its a sin to watch pirated movies because you don’t pay for the films, and the creators of it don’t get any money; hence it’s their hard work and finance that makes a film.

Even though in this article we provide you with detail about the pirated streaming site, we prefer you all to opt on legally streaming website also though you need to pay for it.

Disclaimer: Piracy is an act of crime and is an offence under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page is for just information purpose, and we never encourage or opt to use such sites.

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