Xpause: Your safety is most Important

Xpause is fabled piracy promoting website. An illegal website that provides on-demand streaming enactments of full-length versions of television shows and movies through pirated platforms.

Online piracy of content is one of the biggest problems for the upswing of piracy worldwide. The main reason the piracy surges is because people search for free films and TV shows to watch, which in return surges the popularity of illegal websites. Such a site is Xpause which provides colorful and intuitive interfaces, and these platforms look much like Netflix, streaming almost the same content.

Piracy is still the market leader in media distribution and the rise of video-on-demand platforms, like Netflix, is not a threat to this market dominance  Many laws for punishing piracy in developed countries are stringent and punitive in nature. And since the convictions are few and the penalities not harsh enough to act as a deterrent. Hence to raise awareness about the drawbacks of such illegal websites and to foster public opinion for the same we have drafted the article for your motivation to step up prevention for such illegitimacy.

About Xpause?

Xpause has detailed above is a free streaming movie site that illegally exhibits all over the world. The site instantly streams movies from torrents and other sources with CAM quality within a few days of theatrical release. Hence downloading movies from such websites may incur legal issues since it is the same as downloading from torrent. These websites also pirate from subscription media like Netflix, Amazon.

Is watching movies in Xpause safe?

As we have already discussed, using a piracy website for streaming and downloading purposes is a crime as per Indian and other countries law around the world, piracy is an offense, not only uploading even watching is not safe. 

Best movie sites to watch free films legally rather than Xpause

There are certain things that a user has to keep in mind while using a website to watch movies. The main is the security of the content uploaded on the website for the user’s consumption. So for your awareness and alertness, we have complied with legal and illegal video streaming alternatives of the Xpause website.


As mentioned above, the Xpause site works without a license as for which the same has been banned in several countries. Even Google and other search companies are planning to take drastic steps to curb the links of such a website that is an infringement.


Piracy is a punishable offense under the Copyright act 1957, Universal news strongly opposes any form of infringement act, We neither promote it. This article aims to inform our users to know about piracy and to create an awareness of the prone risks behind illegal websites.

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