‘Young Rock’: Dwayne Johnson offers a Real ‘Rock’ vs Reel ‘Rock’ Test!

Life is always a battle against uncertainties and challenges. Fighting them with perseverance involves a fortitude beyond measures and Dwayne Johnson has proved his excellence in this field with his own life as a living example. Speaking of his achievements, with his brand Teremana cracking atop 5, his success has recently experienced yet another boom. What if we get to find more about yet another successful venture of Rock? Well, here’s a golden opportunity.

Dwayne Johnson’s life is about to be unfolded into a TV miniseries! When one gets to see his adventurous saga of success in its fulcrum, the expectations must be gratifyingly positive.

After all the hype, delay and drama, when ‘Young Rock’ is finally all set to hit the screen, the legendary actor cum influencer Dwayne Johnson, often known as The Rock’ among his fans have come up with something unique.

dwayne johnon workout session
dwayne johnon workout session

Of late, Dwayne Johnson has made a funny yet sweet comparison between the ‘real’ and ‘reel’ Rock through his official Instagram page.

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By posting three tests back to back, he was trying to draw a trajectory of his evolution from the tiny ‘rock’ that he was back in those drooling childhood days to the hefty, well-built manly figure that he is now at his present.

The 10 year old Rock

The first post exhibited a comparison between the 10 year old reel vs real rock. The buck teeth is a highlight worth mentioning, exhibiting the uniqueness behind the cute, little lovable tequila boy.

The second post takes a leap to his teenage days, always vibrant with his glimmering eyes full of passion and hope.

The 15 year old Rock

The unpredictable, defiant kid that he was is clearly visible through his throw back picture juxtaposed along with the reel ‘Rock’.

‘Young Rock’ shall premiere on NBC on February 16

No sooner from being a 15 yrs old, his hurdle towards entering the adult phase is crystal clear in the third and the last post.

The 18 year old ‘Rock’

Having strained every nerve to jostle for a space of his own, recouping the losses, the snapshot presents the smile and happiness on his face after winning the National Championship during his college days. A baby step towards success!

Of late, he had briefed about the cast of “Young Rock -Upcoming NBC comedy series”. Now that the wait is over and the series is merely two weeks away, no more further spoilers, gear up!

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