‘Young Sheldon’ season 4: All about Sheldon’s Big Bang Theory! With Paige gone, will there be a new rival for Sheldon?

Paige and Sheldon made a perfect cat and mouse duo with their scientific combats. But now, since she is gone from the scene, who will be his next rival? Will there be any to gainsay the scientific maestro Sheldon? Let’s find an answer to this question!

While the CBS long-running sitcom wrapped up after 12 seasons in 2019, the network in its fourth year, has begun the production of season 4. Here, Young Sheldon tackles the summer right after Sheldon graduated early from high school and is waiting to start college at East Texas Tech with Dr. Sturgis. While the boy genius got invitations from Princeton and CalTech, he struck a compromise with his mother, with the help from his dad, to let him go to college on the condition that it would be at an academic institution nearby. As Sheldon waits for the school year to begin, he spends time with his family and engages in various summer activities including a bible camp as seen in Young Sheldon season 4, episode 4.

‘Young Sheldon’ Season 4: Who is Sheldon’s new competitor?

In a session of season 4 titled “Bible Camp and a Chariot of Love,” Sheldon is forced to attend a Bible camp. Despite being a non- religious person he is compelled to join the course where he is relieved to see Paige there. However, Paige is going through a rebellious phase following the divorce of her parents and she continues to act out in the episode. Things initially started okay between the pair, but it didn’t take long for them to reignite their rivalry, this time through the bible pop quiz. Annoyed that Paige won the first round, Sheldon came back the next day fully prepared to go against her only for Paige to not care.

Who is the new Rival for Sheldon in 'Young Sheldon Season 4'
Who is the new Rival for Sheldon in ‘Young Sheldon Season 4’

This infuriated Sheldon; he resorted to a string of pranks to get a reaction from her, but nothing worked. When she explained that she’s not bothered by his antics because she’s more concerned about the status of her family, Sheldon crossed the line and goaded her by floating the idea that it’s her fault that her parents split up.

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Such was the impact of Sheldon-Paige rivalry. But now since she is left he is left with no rival of equivalent potential. His life might have taken a different turn if Paige was present. Hopefully the show may bring up a new competitor for Sheldon so as to gear the competitive spirit in the aspirant scientific maniac!

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